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Switch to Halogen Infrared today to optimize your curing process and maximize your business. The fastest curing solution available, guaranteed.

Optimize with Lux.

Time is money.


At Lux Heating Solutions, we're passionate about providing the best curing experience. Our infrared curing ovens ensure an efficient and reliable solution to help you streamline your process, save time and reduce expenses. By choosing us, you can take advantage of our high standard of quality. Contact us today to optimize your curing process.

Our Services

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IR Halogen Batch Tunnel Systems

  • Designed for use with batches of product/parts.

  • Offered in various sizes and customizable to suit your needs.

Laser Cutting Steel

IR Halogen Custom Tunnel Systems

Can be customized for hang-line, flat-line and transfer-line systems.


  • Self-propelled carts that travel at 40 fpm and use an on-board micro-controller to process through a facility based on a user-selected program.

  • Carts include a rotating tabletop that spins 360 degrees for ease of access.

  • Class 1, Div. 1 Explosion Proof

  • Reduce floor space requirements and achieve a higher level of workmanship.

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Steel Bars
An investment today for a profitable tomorrow.

Optimize your curing process, increase production and witness a return on your investment within months.

Concrete Wall
Care for your people and the planet.

Reduce your VOC emissions by quickly and effectively curing any coatings. For a greater footprint reduction, pair your new IR Halogen curing system with water-based coatings that contain less VOCs. IR Halogen is the optimal curing technology for water-based coatings.

3D Tube
Flawless results.

Achieve the fastest inside-out curing for a durable and luminous finish.

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